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White Dental Fillings


White, or composite, dental fillings are one of the more aesthetic restorations provided by Dr. Tran Han. These strong, durable, tooth-colored fillings do not corrode, and allow our dentist to preserve the maximum amount of tooth and enamel. If you would like to visit Mint Dental Loft for white dental fillings in Altadena, California, please call our team at 626.639.8618.

Dental fillings are a type of restorative treatment used to repair minor to moderate tooth decay, such as that caused by cavities, fracturing or chipping. Traditionally, dental fillings have been made using silver amalgam material. However, our office uses fillings made from composite, or tooth-colored materials. By providing you with a composite filling, our dentist can give you a more natural-looking result as well as solution that promotes better long-term oral health.

Some benefits of tooth-colored dental fillings include:

  • A material that bonds to your tooth structure to provide greater support
  • Reduced risk for future breaking or fracturing
  • Reduced sensitivity to temperature changes from foods and drinks
  • Increased resistance of the tooth to decay and leaks
  • The ability to repair cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings
  • No metal is used during treatment

Your dental filling can be placed in a single appointment. When you come in to our office, our dentist will thoroughly clean your tooth to remove damage and decay. The tooth will then be filled, and the filling material sculpted to match the contours of the tooth. The filling will then be hardened and polished to complete your treatment. Our dentist will take care to choose a shade of white for your filling that matches the color of your teeth.

To learn more about white dental fillings and schedule an appointment with our dentist, give us a call today.

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