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Your time at Mint Dental Loft is meant to be a warm and renewing dental experience as Dr. Tran Han and her team cater to your concerns for your oral health. You are asked at every visit how we can best help you achieve the goals you have for your teeth and help you attain the most brilliant, confidence-boosting smile yet. We also work to inform you of how the function of your oral structures affects your dental health and overall wellbeing as we provide comprehensive dental care in Altadena, California, and dental care in Pasadena, California. Call us today to get started towards optimal oral health and receive quality, personalized service at every visit.




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Meet Dr. Han

Dr. Tran Han is a “physician of the mouth.” She takes the time to look at a patient’s joints, muscles, teeth and jaws, and makes sure everything is in harmony. Dr. Han started Mint Dental Loft with the goal of providing a truly comfortable dental office, so patients can come to enjoy any needed oral healthcare services. Visit us today to experience the compassionate care provided by our dentist at every visit.

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The Mint Difference

Patients receive thoughtful dental care from our team at Mint Dental Loft as we work to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. It is our mission to keep patients healthy, so we focus on educating them on the importance of preventive care that can save them from future costs and health problems. Your best interests are in mind when visiting our dentist and team.

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