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Our Mission


Our Vision For Patient Care

Did you know that people with teeth can live up to ten years longer than people without? Here at Mint Dental Loft, our mission is simple – helping people live longer through their smiles. We want to help you keep your teeth for life. Our goal for every patient is to never need dental care again! How do we do that? We encourage routine care tailored to fit your dental needs. Our dental practice places a high focus on prevention, quality treatment and total bodily health. Read below to learn more about our unique practice philosophy!

Treating the entire mouth – Getting dental care at Mint Dental Loft is more than just about teeth and gums! You need your mouth to function as a complete unit. To ensure that you can ultimately use your teeth not only to smile but to talk, to laugh and most importantly to eat, every patient gets a complete dental exam. We make sure to check your teeth and gums as well as the muscles that open and close your jaw, the jaw joint and your overall bite.

Prevention Is Key – In the field of dentistry and oral healthcare, prevention comes first. As such, we would much rather prevent the onset of a oral disease than treat it. Helping to prevent the advance of oral diseases before more intense care is needed is our goal. For this reason, we provide thorough examinations that can prevent many oral health issues, such as new cavities from forming, so you can avoid any new or intensive dental services.

Oral Health Educators – We work one-on-one with every patient to make sure you are educated and informed about the condition of your dental health and how to best care for your teeth. We also take the time to explain all your possible treatment options.

High Quality Care For All – No matter your financial situation or dental needs, our patient receives the highest quality treatment possible. We only use high-grade and proven materials and apply modern, minimally-invasive techniques. Our above-standard infection control procedures also help to keep our patients and staff safe.

Maintaining a Healthy Foundation – To help our patients reach an optimal level of oral health that lasts a lifetime, we encourage regular routine dental cleanings. Teeth are like dishes–you should clean the entire surface of the dish (or teeth) and not just where the food touches. Brushing twice a day and flossing helps, but you can’t see every surface of your teeth like you can the dishes. That is why dental cleanings are so important to prevent cavities. Your gums and teeth are the foundation of your smile.

Timely and Considerate Service – While it is important to us that we take the time to understand and treat you as needed, we also place a high value on your time and schedule. We do our best to offer you consistently prompt and considerate service.

Practicing the Golden Rule – We warmly welcome patients into our family practice and offer you the same care and attention we would our own family.

With such a high level of consideration and vision of care for our patients, we welcome you to contact us anytime. Dr. Tran Han looks forward to providing you and your family with exceptional service and dental care in Altadena, California

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